Red Spice Road


Due to recent government orders to combat COVID-19, Red Spice Road has closed its doors for the foreseeable future. As a result of this, we’ll now be offering takeaway (Red Spice Road To-Go).
The Red Spice Road team have handpicked a delicious selection of dishes from our à la carte menu for you to take-away or have come direct to you, within an 8k radius of Melbourne CBD! You can still eat, drink and be merry in self-isolation, with our tasty food, booze, restaurant home-care packages & other essentials, like toilet paper (seriously ?), to keep you entertained.

For more information on Red Spice Road To-Go:
Information on our Homecare Packages:


Steamed bao, salt roasted pork, hoisin, pickle, mustard – $6
Coconut chicken steamed bao – $5
Vermicelli spring rolls (seafood or vegetable options) – $6
Kimchi corn fritters, soy vinegar sauce – $10
Sambal chicken wings – $10
Kung Pao cauliflower, Sichuan pepper, green onion, cashews – $20
Green Vegetable stir-fry – $18
Shaken beef hor fun stir fried noodles – $20
Central Thai chicken or vegetable curry, holy basil, peanut – $20
Spicy Korean BBQ beef ribs – $22
Pork belly, hot mint slaw, black vinegar, chilli caramel – $28
Korean chicken burger with chips $15
Fried rice (chicken or vegetable option) – $10
Steamed jasmine rice – $3.50
Side paratha – $6


Download our pick-up or delivered beverage list here! 🥂


(minimum spend $40)

Who gives a crap toilet paper 😊 – $1 per role
Thank you soap – $9.50
Ice – $5
Crushed ice – $5
3 limes or lemons – $1.50
Soy milk – $3
Almond milk – $3.50

Call us now on (03) 9603 1626 to place your order with our team!
Available Daily from 11am – 9pm. No delivery fee.

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The Gallerysittingup to 50
The Lantern RoomSittingup to 100
Mckillop RoomStandingup to 60
Mckillop RoomSittingup to 33
The Gallerysittingup to 32
HanoiSittingup to 22
Bangkoksittingup to 60