El Gaucho Argentinian Charcoal Grill


We are a family owned and operated restaurant. That means that you are welcomed to our house and served as part of our family. We want you to have a wonderful time with us. We’ve created a little Argentina in the heart of Melbourne for you to feel transported 13,000 km into our traditions and enjoy the best meat in a pleasant Latin atmosphere.

“Gaucho” is the Argentinian version of the American cowboy. Gauchos were strong, honest and hard-working types. They would have very simple lives and have no more belongings than his clothes, his horse and his long knife. A Gaucho learns only by experience and is real expert in what he loves the most: friends and meat!

While Argentina was becoming a world-famous meat exporter, the Gaucho was the real expert in that matter. His diet was composed almost entirely of beef cooked with charcoal in the range.

These long years of experience and sharing is now our tradition, this is what represent us, this is why we are El Gaucho. We’d love to share it with you.

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