Entrecote Parisian Steakhouse & Bar - Near Royal Botanic Gardens


The whole Entrecôte concept has come from two good mates who both just happened to be in Paris late 2014 and caught up for dinner.....

Entrecôte takes a nod from the very original Le Relais De L'Entrecôte - the famous one-dish Steakhouse that opened in 1959 in Port-Maillot, Paris.

Across from the beautiful Botanic Gardens in the Grand Old Dame that housed the institutional Lynch's Restaurant for over 30 years, Entrecôte seems as home in Melbourne as it does Paris.

Entrecôte exclusively serves beautiful Pasture fed beef from Hopkins River, from the foothills of the Grampians in Victoria

Entrecôte - we want her to be loud, ridiculous, tongue in cheek, delicious, fun, local, raucous,
approachable, lovable, drunk, open all hours.. but above all - full of laughter and friends sharing a
meal over many (several) glasses of wine....

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