HuTong Dumpling Bar


HuTong witnesses the historical evolution of China from the ancient time till today. In addition, the dishes for ordinary people occurred in HuTong have become the delicious foods which the contemporary people are desperate for. You do not need to go overseas. In HuTong Dumpling Bar, you can try these orthodox home-style dishes which enjoy great popularity, and you can also experience the change of HuTong, this carrier of China's traditional culture.

HuTong Dumpling Bar consists of three layers: The ground floor, which looks simple, brings you the atmosphere of warmth and makes you feel as if you have walked into a shop in Beijing HuTong, is composed of a kitchen and an area of dining section. The customers can clearly see the hand-made creation of a variety of Dim Sums through the transparent glass which separates kitchen and dining area. By integrating the essence of traditional Chinese elements into the contemporary style, the bar gives you a sense of freshness.

The assorted dining section is located in the second floor. You can sense the strong atmosphere of elegance and reminiscence and taste the flavour of old Beijing and Shanghai here. Besides this, you can always find a suitable place for friends-reunion of family banquet in this place.

An exciting journey leading to the exploration of Beijing HuTong culture is started when you step on the stairs of the top floor. This floor is composed of four elegant private dining rooms and some separate tables. Here you will be fascinated by the charm of classical tone.

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