La Luna Bistro


La Luna does beef and does it well, but there’s more to this small but much-loved long-standing restaurant in Rathdowne Village, owned by accomplished chef, and now TV personality Adrian Richardson. Richardson is highly regarded for the quality of the beef he serves but there’s also crackling-wrapped pork, house-made cotechino sausage, fish of the day or the generous lamb shoulder to share for two or more people.

This isn’t the place to bring your vegetarians friends, but if you are an omnivore, the laidback decor - bare wood, cloth napkins and artwork that outlines the various cuts of beasts - instills comfort and anticipation in the experience ahead. Service has the know-how to back up Richardson’s passion and moves quickly in the often-crowded room. Relaxed quality seems to be the ethos at La Luna, and they’re pretty consistent with keeping that going.

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