Appret Cafe

A friendly, warm and open atmosphere is what Appret Cafe owners Donna and Paul Gratton want customers to experience.
Located in the hub of Laurimar, Paul and Donna will celebrate their one year on the 28th March, 2013. Appret gives the two an outlet to share their passion for hospitality, an industry in which they have much experience.
Paul has been a chef for around 14 years and has travelled overseas to work; while Donna, a playwright, teacher and a keen interest in business, managed a winery at Kangaroo Ground where the two met – Paul was the head chef.

Appret also has a great alcove area with concertina doors that can be opened, suiting large functions or to accommodate the large groups on jazz day (once a month on every second Sunday). Or they keep it closed making it a great area for kids to play safely.