The Craft & Co.


As a multi-faceted venue, we provide a rich culinary showcase of Australian food and drink producers via our retail store, bar, eatery and in-house production facilities. We have incorporated an onsite micro-brewery, distillery, cured meats and cheese making rooms, coffee roasters. We also operate our own 40 acre site that produces grapes for wine, with future plan to grow fruit, vegetables, grain, hops and livestock for in-house food and drink products.

The education side will be brought to life via an immersive program of events and classes to learn how produce is made, why they are made in that way and how to take your new skills and use them at home. Many of these events will be held in collaboration with our industry peers to give you the best knowledge and experience, so you can then share the traditions with friends and family.

Our eatery reflects our passion for modern food created using traditional and contemporary techniques, dishes that highlight the integrity of each ingredient, our ability to create so many elements in-house and our industry relationships with producers and makers.

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The DeckingSittingup to 25
Upstairs Retail SpaceSittingup to 50
Upstairs Retail SpaceStandingup to 50
Brewery SectionSittingup to 20
Upstairs Smith Street RoomStandingup to 70
Entire VenuesStandingup to 100
Entire VenueSittingup to 100
Upstairs Smith Street RoomSittingup to 70