Bamboo House


As a fine dining Cantonese restaurant conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne, we offer an opportunity to sample the finest northern delicacies in luxurious surrounds. Discover mouth-watering gourmet treats, including the best Peking duck in the Melbourne CBD, without having to travel to Canton itself. Our chefs are highly trained and experienced, our menu and wine list are a distinctive combination of classic and unique, and our wait staff offer unforgettable customer service; we invite you to book a table and experience it all for yourself. Our commitment to excellence and authentic dishes with premium ingredients is why many consider Bamboo House to be the best Chinese restaurant in Melbourne.

Try our renowned Tea Smoked Duck and the best Peking Duck you’ll ever taste, as well as Pot Stickers and Steamed Scampi with a delicate garlic sauce.

Whilst we encourage you to explore the distinctive flavours of northern Chinese cuisine and our house specialities, we also have an excellent Cantonese repertoire that is sure to please. Our culinary team will take every possible effort to meet your special dietary requirements

Bamboo House prides itself on its valued heritage and tradition through its signature dishes. Amongst the first Chinese restaurants serving dishes from Northern region of China, Bamboo House is renowned for its consistent quality in the fusion of traditional and contemporary dishes. This consistency together with the courteous friendly staff had attracted the loyal patrons from Melbourne and all over the world for decades.

Bamboo House celebrates the elegance and the harmonic fusion of the traditional ambience and mouth watering dishes. We have embraced a culture of uncompromised traditional values. This is highlighted right from the wide entrance doors with the plaque symbolising the bamboo plant giving a hint of class to expect inside. The mood continues throughout the restaurant with a fusion of traditional wall dressings, ornaments and modern glass side walls opening it up to a view of traditional bamboo plants that symbolises the story of pride.

Bamboo House is a popular choice of venue for corporate and private functions with elegance. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, our dedicated staff welcome you to what we pride while you indulge yourself in the flavours of the oriental culinary creations in an atmosphere speaks our tradition.

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