Collingwood Restaurant of the Month

The Noble Experiment


The Noble Experiment draws its name and inspiration from the 1920's prohibition era. The iconic building sits on a cosy corner in eclectic Collingwood.

As its name suggests, the venue is impassioned by experimentation, creativity and strives to offer patrons a unique experience in the hospitality capital. The Noble Experiment has the largest collection of bottle and barrel aged cocktails in the country and cocktail maestro, Linus Schaxmann, widely recognised as an international cocktail connoisseur, prudently manages this delicate process.

If whisky is your tipple of choice, owner Daniel Lemura will satisfy your penchant for unique and obscure whiskies from Australia and around the world. Noteworthy champagnes, wine and craft beer also populate the drinks menu.

The food, courtesy of Chef Toby Henderson is inspiring, rustic and focused on quality ingredients. Its food that you can come to eat with friends and family, sharing in the experience of the flavours and cooking techniques.

The Noble Experiment has three distinct spaces, which span the length of the building. Upstairs is a quaint and intimate cocktail bar perfect for quiet drinks, downstairs is the ambient and calming restaurant hall and the basement is a mysterious and animated space that is used for functions and pop up concepts.


Venue Hours

  • Mondayclosed
  • Tuesdayclosed

Venue Capacity

The Birdcageup to 15
Cocktail Loungeup to 55
The Underground Experimentup to 120



"This experiment in the wrong hands would certainly fail but the humble sprout, when exposed to high temperatures, transforms from the ugly duckling Christmas hangover to a sumptuous, textural unami overload of salty, sweet, crunchy, savoury and caramelised luxe petit choux bites fit for any gastronomes table"... [read more]